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Where Ever You Go Take It With You Because Floating Plastic Island Sucks

Our Mission

Our Mission

At Conscious Cutlery the concept is simple; just say no to single-use plastic items, starting with cutlery. Each travel cutlery set comes with a stainless steel fork, spoon, knife, straw, handy straw cleaner and just to be super awesome, a set of chopsticks, that all fit in a convenient pouch, small enough to fit in your purse, backpack or glovebox.

Carry it with you and use it. It’s really that simple.

Join the movement and end single-use plastic! 


So happy with my purchase! Very well made utensils, I’ve used them so many times already in the past 2 weeks while traveling, and saved countless one-time-use plastic items. - Jill

I really like this set, and I especially like that it includes so many items in such a compact case: western cutlery as well as chopsticks, plus a straw and brush." -Miriam

Best thing I've bought! Exactly what you pay for!! Highly recommend!!! -Peggy

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